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1946 — the order of Ministry of electrical industry has established a Commission to select a site for the construction of the plant in Novosibirsk.

1948 — the decision of the Novosibirsk city Executive Committee allocated 100 hectares of land for industrial construction, plots for housing construction.

1949 — “Lengiprorechtrans” has developed the design task for the construction of the Novosibirsk turbogenerator plant (NTGS).

1950 — 27.02.50. The Ministry of electrotechnical industry of the USSR issued order # E-104 on the construction of NTGS.

1951 — construction of the first industrial objects of the plant.

1952 — came into operation units of the plant and non-standard special technological equipment. The commissioning of the first 36-unit apartment building and a building for the plant.

1953 — December 30 offsite meeting for the release of the first two electric cars ATM with the capacity of 2000 kW each and of delivery by the builders of the first three spans of the main building. The plant was put into operation enterprises in the country. This day is considered the birthday of the “Novosibirsk turbogenerator plant”.

1954 — production of engines ATM-500. Commissioned the main building of the fired boiler. Made of 42 large electrical machines.

1955 — production of the first Siberian turbine-generator TB2-30-2 for Barnaul thermal power plant.

1956 — manufactured the first hydrogenerator for the Irkutsk hydroelectric station. Was published the first number of the factory large-circulation newspaper “Generator”.

1957 — sent to diesel power station of Poland and Romania synchronous generators type of GSD. Made first turbine generator type FA-30, installed on Zhambyl TPP (Kazakhstan). Made the first electric motor series ATD power of 1600 kW, the first development of the designers of the plant.

1958 — made the first sets of locomotive electrical equipment DC current: diesel generators, traction motors, dogmachine units. The technical project for the world’s first turbo-generator with cooling system water-oil and paper-oil insulation. TVM power of 60 megawatts was installed at the Novosibirsk CHP-2, which successfully operated for over 50 years, becoming a model of reliability, quality and efficiency.

1959 – started serial production of asynchronous motors series AD, which replaced the series ATM.

In the 60-ies of the Novosibirsk turbogenerator plant became one of the leading engineering plants of the country. In 1960, on the basis of the plant design Bureau was created the scientific-research electrotechnical Institute (Sibnet). In 1966, “NTGZ” transformed into a Siberian plant of heavy electrical engineering – “sibelectrotyazhmash”. In 1969, Stibniati renamed the Institute of plant “Sibelectrotyazhmash”.

In 70-e years the company holds its position as the leading plant engineering in the country and continues to develop and introduce new products. Started the manufacture of induction motors series AD-2 with significantly improved technical and economic indicators, production of vertical induction motors AVC-1000-1500. In 1974 he was made the first motor for circulation pumps of nuclear power plants. Specialists of the research Institute and the plant has developed and mastered technological process thermosetting insulation “Monolith-2”, all electric cars, the plant began to produce from this isolation.

In 80-e years the enterprise is actively developing production of products based on developments of the research Institute of the plant. In 1981, at the end of the all-Union competition for achieving the best results in inventive, rationalization and patent and licensing work of the staff of the factory and research Institute was recognized as a winner among companies in the industry. At the same time, intensive work on formation of system of quality management. We developed over 50 standards for integrated management system product quality, which allowed to master the production of 34 products with the State quality Mark. Was manufactured the first prototypes of electric motors 4АЗМ-2500 and 4АЗМ-5000, production of rotating frequency converters of the series PCW and engines, ADO-1250. In 1987 they released a record number of electric motors — 2312 PCs In 1988 the company was transformed into the scientific-production Association “sibelectrotyazhmash”. In 1989 the company received the certificate for the right of implementation of export-import operations, becoming thus an independent participant of foreign economic activity.

In the 90 years the company has undergone several structural changes. At the same time, mastered the production of several new types of products: asynchronous motors series ADO, 2АДО; turbo with water and oil cooling series TVM with a capacity of 160 MW; two speed explosion proof motors series ADCW; induction motors series ВАО2Э and WAOKE; explosion-proof induction motors series CBA and AZTV. Since 1996 began series production developed by the research Institute of plant turbogenerators with air cooling series TF-50-2, TF-63-2, TF-100, TF-110-2, TF-125. In addition to traditional products, specialists of the research Institute of the plant has implemented a number of development special equipment: vibro-seismic equipment for vibroseis stimulation on the earth’s surface in the oil reservoir for enhanced oil recovery; hydrogenerators for small hydropower plants; wind power plants WPP — 10ТМ. Confirmation of the quality and reliability of manufactured products was the acquisition in 1996 of the certificate of conformity of quality system to requirements of international standard ISO 9001-94 (Interserting, St. Petersburg) and in 1997 the certificate of conformity of quality system to requirements of international standard ISO-9001 (tüv CERT, Hamburg).

Twenty-first century. Developed, implemented and continuously improved integrated management system (IMS): quality management system (QMS), environmental management system (EMS) and management system of occupational safety (SMOT). In 2001, the company received the license FROM Gosatomnadzor No. 0439, giving the right to manufacture turbogenerators for nuclear power plants. In the same year passed the accreditation of RAO “UES of Russia” for the right to conduct: “Repair, installation and commissioning of equipment of objects of electric power industry” (certificate number e-5-101501-04 from 15.10.2001,), for the right to supply the electric power facilities equipment and spare parts (certificate No. e-6-101501-04 from 15.10.2001,), entitled: “inspection, testing and diagnostics of power objects” (the certificate №e-8-101501-04 from 15.10.2001).

Today, more than half a century ELSIB has become one of the leading companies in designing and manufacturing of turbogenerators, hydrogenerators, high voltage asynchronous and synchronous electric motors, other large electric machines, excitation systems. The geography of deliveries every year becomes larger and today covers more than 50 countries.

“We bet on quality, reliability and reputation of the factory, established over 63 years. Investments aimed at modernization and improved efficiency, allow us to keep pace with the times. NPO “ELSIB” JSC — people team of professionals with the knowledge and experience which are machines. Today, we look forward: set high goals, focusing on achieving results!” — Dmitry Bezmelnitsyn, General Manager.

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