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About us

ELSIB is one of the leading heavy electric engineering companies in Russia. For more than 60 years we have been designing and producing high-performance equipment. We have supplied turbo and hydro generators for more than 730 power plants in different regions of the planet. More than 65 thousand of our electric motors operate in different industry sectors in 52 countries.

Today ELSIB is an independent engineering company. Production of equipment in the three main segments is concentrated on a single site which provides virtually full production cycle and requires only minimum co-operation and subcontracting.

ELSIB’s main areas of expertise are:

  • Design and production of turbo and hydro generators;
  • Design and production of asynchronous and synchronous motors and frequency converters;
  • Power electronics design, production, installation and service: excitation systems for generators, hydrogen cooling systems, controls for electromechanical frequency converters, etc.;
  • Service, repair and modernization of power equipment produced by our company and others.

Turbo generators are designed to be directly coupled with steam and gas turbines and to generate power at power stations. The generators are supplied complete with excitation and cooling systems, shaft seal oil supply systems (for ТВФ series generators) as well as spare parts sets, tools and accessories for installation and service.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Electric motors and large electric machines produced by ELSIB are designed to drive pumps, compressors, industrial fans and blowers, ball and hammer mills, and other equipment. Our motors are

widely used in power generation, transportation of crude oil and petroleum products, oil extraction and processing, chemical, coal and metallurgical industries and many others, including hazardous areas.Hydro generators are intended to generate electric power by direct coupling with water turbines at hydro power stations and pumped-storage hydroelectricity facilities. The hydro generators are supplied complete with excitation, braking, and thermal control systems, spare parts, tools and accessories for installation and service.

ELSIB production facilities include certified testing stands that allow rigorous control during complete production cycle from first parts to the finished product. Modern technological processes, equipment and materials allow ELSIB to produce state-of-the-art machines, test new products, upgrade and repair existing electromechanical equipment.

We always strive to raise our technical standards and improve our products by using advanced designs developed by highly qualified specialists working at ELSIB.






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