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Electric Motors

ELSIB offers a wide range of asynchronous and synchronous motors that meet the highest demands posed by our customers in regard to reliability, performance, service life and safety.

Our motors can operate in different environments, including hazardous and explosive areas and can be used to drive many different types of mechanisms.

Induction motors with squirrel-cage rotor can also operate as a part of variable speed drive and with soft starters, usually without any modification.

Our motors are suitable for driving many types of devices in different sectors, for example:


  • Pumps: feed pumps, condensate pumps, heavy oil pumps and others;
  • Forced and induced draft fans;
  • Mills and crushers;
  • Fuel supply conveyors.

Oil and gas:

  • Main line oil pumps, booster pumps, waterflood pumps etc.;
  • Air compressors and feeders, air blowers of different models.


  • Belt-type conveyors;
  • Drainage pumps;
  • Internal ventilation fans;
  • Slurry pumps;
  • Conveyors chains of refining machines;
  • Mills and crushers.

In cases when our product line does not cover our customers’ specific demands ELSIB offers custom design and production of electric motors.

Line of three-phase high voltage motors batch-produced by ELSIB includes:

1. Induction motors for general and special purposes.

  • Two-pole induction motors series АТД4
  • Induction motors series АДО, 2АДО, 2АДО-С, 2АДОТ, АДОТ, АДОШ
  • General-purpose induction motors series 2АДР and 2АДЖ
  • Two-speed induction motors series АДО, 2АДО, 2АДО-С
  • Vertical induction motors series АВП, АВКА, 2АВДО

2. Explosion proof induction motors.

  • Two-pole induction motors with explosion proof enclosures and air-to-air cooling, series 4АЗМВ1, 2АЗМВ1, 4АЗМВ, 5АЗМВ
  • Two-pole induction motors with pressurized enclosures, series АТД4
  • Four-pole induction motors series АЗВ, 4АЗВ
  • Six-pole vertical induction motor type АВЗВ
  • Two-speed induction motors series АДКВ


Types of Electric Motors

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