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Excitation Systems

ELSIB can supply the generators complete with excitation systems of the following types:

  • Thyristor-type static self-excitation СТС (STS) systems for turbo and hydro generators;
  • Brushless excitation systems КБСВ (KBSV) for turbo generators with capacities between 6 and 32 MW;
  • Separate thyristor-type excitation systems СТН (STN) for large capacity generators.

Excitation systems provide full support of the following modes of operation of the generators:

  • Initial excitation;
  • Manual and automatic synchronization prior to connecting to a grid;
  • No-load running;
  • Operation in the grid with loads and overloads allowed for the generator;
  • Remote adjustment of the generator voltage settings within 80% to 100% of nominal;
  • Adjustment of excitation parameters with nonlinear functions or PID controllers;
  • Keeping the voltage fluctuations within ±0.5% for a specified control point according to given settings and droop in the normal operating mode of the generator and for excitation voltage up to 110% of nominal;
  • Forced excitation with specified multiplication factor;
  • De-excitation in case of failures in the grid;
  • Limitation of excitation current and restriction of field winding and stator overcurrent according to the generator specifications;
  • Minimal excitation current limiting depending on real power of the generator when reactive power is consumed from the grid;
  • Field suppression when stopping the generator or in case of emergency;
  • Operation in the reactive power compensation system.



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