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Frequency converters

Single-phase frequency converters series Pcfreepreo

Designed for power installations, carrying out induction heating, smelting, tempering and other processing operations associated with the use of currents of high frequency.

A type Converter HRD-2500-1,0 NF 4M — dogmachine horizontal Assembly consisting of a generator of high frequency and a drive motor, connected to a rigid coupling (delivery). The rotor of the generator and the drive motor based on the sliding bearings. Generator and engine ventilated closed-loop using built-in inside the machine water coolers.

Converters series PCV with a capacity of 250-500 kW have a monohull upright design, the cores of the rotors of the generator and the drive motor are located on a common shaft. Supports of rotor converters — bearings with independent lubrication. Converters, with the exception of PCV-315-1,0 У2П, have a closed type of ventilation air with cooling air in the pre-built water coolers. Converters are installed on shock absorbers without attachment to the Foundation.

Converters can be equipped with control Cabinet and generator protection and switching cabinets of the engine.

A type Converter PCV-315-1,0 У2П has air cooling in open cycle. It is intended for use in a mobile unit to operate in intermittent modes. The Converter can also be used for work in stationary conditions, including in long mode with output power of 250 kW.

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