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Frequency Converter Series ППЧВElectromechanical frequency converters were designed to power up devices for induction heating, melting, tempering, and other technological operations which require high-frequency current.

Frequency converter ОПЧ-2500-1,0 УХЛ4М is a two-machine horizontal unit consisting of a high-frequency generator coupled with a driving motor. The generator and driving motor rotors are seated on plain friction bearings. Both generator and motor have closed-cycle water-to-air coolers.

Frequency converters series ППЧВ with rated capacities 250—500 kW have a single unit motor–generator design with rotor coils of the motor and the generator wound around a single rotor. The rotor is seated on ball bearings with self-contained lubrication. All converters except ППЧВ-315-1,0 У2П have closed cooling with built-in water-to-air coolers. The converters are seated on shock dampers and not fixed to the foundation.

Converters can be equipped with generator control and protection cabinets and motor start cabinets.

Frequency converter ППЧВ-315-1,0 У2П has open cycle air cooling system. It is intended for use in mobile units and repeated short duration modes. The converter can also work in fixed installations in long-term working mode with output capacity of 250 kW.



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