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Turbo Generators

ELSIB has been designing and producing turbo generators for more than 50 years. We implement only the most up-to date solutions in our products and continually try to improve them. Our generator design school has proven to be able to meet any challenge and has gained respect from our peers.

Power generation professionals in many countries of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and Asia have come to appreciate efficiency, durability, reliability, ease of repair and maintenance of our generators. They know that they can always rely on equipment with ELSIB trade mark.

Our generators can be powered by steam and gas turbines and allow our customers to create the optimal systems at power plants of any size.

Our engineers use their extensive experience and knowledge of advanced technologies and materials to develop better generators, increase efficiency and improve their performance. At ELSIB, our clients are always at the center of our attention, their requirements and requests showing us the right direction for development of our technologies, products and service.



Types of Turbo Generators

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