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Turbine generator cooling flammable liquid

Turbine generators, liquid-cooled, effective on the backbone of large stations with units of greater power output. The requirements for reliability and stable operation in the network of these generators is particularly high.

We offer our plant generators with cooling system type of TVN is a unique development with no analogues in the world practice of turbogenerators. Design feature — filling the volume of the stator is non-flammable dielectric liquid, which is simultaneously the cooling medium and the basis of stator insulation (paper-oil type).

Cooling system and generator insulation TVN gives it high reliability and provides a lot of advantages and unique consumer properties. Significant reserves for dielectric strength, thermal stress, resistance to mechanical impact, vibration and deformation of the terminals of the stator winding and other design features enable our customers to achieve significant savings and to fully be confident in the reliable performance of these machines.

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