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ELSIB has taken part in a solemn starting of Zaramag HPP-1

In Northern Ossetia, it was commissioned the Zaramag HPP-1 – the largest power plant in republic and third one by capacity HPP on Northern Caucasus. The ELSIB plant, during a solemn commission, was presented by Director on Sales, Konstantin Fedorenko.   

At the building of HPP, it was installed two hydraulic units of capacity 173 MW each, in the content of which there were the hydrogenerators of CB 685/249-20 type made and delivered by ELSIB plant.

The Zaramag HPP-1 was built by RusHydro on Ardon river (tributary of Terek river). The power of the station is 346 MW, annual generation of electric power – 842 mln. kWhr.

“A building and commission of Zaramag HPP-1 is a merit of many labor collectives due to which this grandiose construction has arisen. The hydrogenerators for Zaramag HPP-1, as well as the station itself, are unique. We are proud of that our machines will carry a light to the houses of Northern Ossetia. For us, it is a great honor to contribute into power and social and economic development of North Caucasian region. My congratulations to all the people with this remarkable event”, – Konstantin Fedorenko, Director on Sales of NPO “ELSIB” PAO, said.

For reference: At a designing of Zaramag HPP-1, there were used the unique engineering solutions. Instead of the dumb and a creation of large reservoir, it was traced a derivation tunnel of length 14.262 m, the longest hydraulic engineering tunnel in Russia and one of the longest tunnels in our country at whole. Due to this tunnel, it is being created an extremely high water head – 609 m – that drives the largest in our country Pelton turbines.

A building of Zaramag HPP-1 has been conducting at extremely complex conditions. The basin of daily alignment in which water is accumulated before a supply to the turbines, is located at mountains on a height up to 1600 m, a building of hydraulic power plant itself was built at the mountainous gorge. The constructions of HPP are designed for the earthquakes in 9 balls, herewith they are organically inscribed into environment and they influence on it as minimum.

The Zaramag HPP-1 is a part of united hydraulic power complex of Zaramag HPPs also including the Main HPP that provides a supply of water refined from the sand into a tunnel of HPP-1. A building of Zaramag HPPs was already begun in 1978. The project unique by its complicity, from its origin, has met many difficulties of organizational and financial character. For long years, the building was preserved and renewed only in 2006 after a transfer of the building to the head of RusHydro. Already in 2009, it was commissioned the upper stage of the complex – the Main HPP of capacity 15 MW. In 2015, it was completed a driving of derivation tunnel, in 2017, it was started a construction of the building of HPP. A commission of Zaramag HPP-1 will sufficient positive influence onto social and economic development of Northern Ossetia. The power plant has been built within a DPM program. A scheme of power presentation of HPP was provided by FSK EES.

RusHydro is the largest by installed capacity Russian power company uniting more than 400 objects of the generation. RusHydro is the first in the country and the fourth in the world company in the branch of hydraulic power industry, a leader by a production of energy on a base of renewable sources in Russia. The installed capacity of power plants included into a content of RusHydro, including the Boguchanskaya HPP, is of 40 GW.

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