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ELSIB plant has begun to ship the large units of hydrogenerator for Irkutsk HPP

In the last week, ELSIB has begun to ship the first units of hydrogenerator for Irkutsk HPP within a technical re-armament of the power plant. The stator frame divided into six sectors was delivered by three truck trawls as oversize cargo (per two sectors on one trawl). An assembly of stator core and putting of the winding will be done on customer’s site, by the forces of specialized montage organization. In general, to Irkutsk power plant more than 400 shipping items of total mass about 1027 tons will be shipped.

Since the works on a replacement of the equipment will be done on the working plant, it was determined a sequence of assembly of the units of hydraulic plant. An assembly of stator frame will be done from September of current year. Totally, NPO “ELSIB” PAO will deliver four generators to Irkutsk HPP.

The new machines will be more powerful than older ones by 20 % that will allow to generate additionally up to 200 mln. kW/h of electric power a year using the same volume of water that before a replacement of the equipment.

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