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ELSIB plant has got a conclusion on a proving of production of industrial products on a territory of RF

On April 30, Ministry of Industry and Trade of RF has proved a production of the products of NPO “ELSIB” PAO on a territory of Russian Federation. Into a list of proved products, the basic models of the turbogenerators of ТВФ type with hydrogen cooling at range of nominal capacity from 60 to 225 MW completely with thyristor self-excitation system and acoustic enclosure are included. 

As the criteria of proving of the production of industrial products, the followings have become: a presence of special investment contract with a participation of RF; a presence of act of expertise of Trade and Commercial Chamber of RF on a correspondence of produced industrial products to the requirements provided by appendix to a decree; a presence of certificate of origin of the products in Russian Federation.

This conclusion is a obligatory condition for a participation in tenders for a supply of the turbogenerators within an updating program of thermal power plants DPM-2.

This year, ELSIB plans to get the similar document for turbogenerators of ТФ series with air cooling.

Photo: Turbogenerator ТВФ-220 at machine room of Krasnoyarsk TPP-3

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