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ELSIB will participate in a conference “Investment projects, updating, purchasing in electric power industry” (Investenergo-2020)

On February 20, 2020, in Moscow, the annual conference “Investment projects, updating, purchasing in electric power industry” (Investenergo-2020) will be opened. NPO “ELSIB” PAO will be represented by Alexander Artyomov, deputy of Director on Sales. 

In the discussions, the following companies will take part: Rosseti, Inter RAO, Inter RAO-Center of purchasing management, RusHydro, Gazprom power holding, Concern Rosenergoatom, Yunipro, Fortum, Kvadra as well as the representatives of Minenergo, Minpromtorg and SO EES.

Besides, in this event, the largest manufacturers of electric power equipment: VARK, Podolskkabel’, Holding Kabelny Aliance and many others are interested.

At the second session of the conference, the section “System of provision and purchasing in electric power industry: current condition and perspectives” will be held.

The main questions of the section are:

  • Provision of an access of the subjects of small and medium entrepreneurship to the purchases
  • Practice of purchases and actual requirements of 223-ФЗ (Federal Law)
  • Practical questions connected with a participation of suppliers in purchasing
  • Typical errors at an arrangement of an application for a participation in purchase. The features of arrangement of an application
  • Financial expertise of a supplier
  • Programs of support and development of the suppliers

At the conference, it will be held a presentation of annual wall map “Investment projects in electric power industry”. Each participant will get the map as a present. On the wall map, there is an information on the investments into the objects of electric power industry and plans on their updating.

At the conference, the results of annual questionnaire of power companies will be summarized and the best manufacturers of branch equipment will be awarded in the following nominations:

  • Steam turbines
  • Gas turbines
  • Hydraulic turbines
  • Turbogenerators
  • Hydrogenerators
  • Boiling equipment
  • Reactor
  • Transformers
  • High voltage equipment
  • Pipeline armature
  • Pumping and compressor equipment
  • Instrumentation and automatics
  • Cable and conducting products
  • Power transmission line supports

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