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Corporate Secretary

The main goal of the Corporate Secretary ELSIB – improving the efficiency and quality of corporate governance, the development of a system of relations that support an adequate balance of interests between the Board of Directors, shareholders, management and other stakeholders.

The system of corporate governance protects the rights of shareholders and investors, most importantly their right to participate in management and to receive dividends. The basic principle of corporate governance is transparency of information. Shareholders and investors receive information about important corporate events, including financial position of the company, the results of its activities, the management of the company.
The work of the Corporate Secretary is built on the key principles of the best practices collected in the “corporate governance Code”.


  • Krylova Natalia

Phone: (383) 298-91-35, nvkrylova@elsib.ru

  • Nogovitsin Robert 

Phone: (383) 298-93-00



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