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On 1st power unit of Primorskaya TPP, the 1st ignition of boiler has been done successfully

On Primorskaya thermal power plant, it was done a trial start of steam boiler. This is a key step of pre-commission works with 1st power unit for its commission.

About that, Inter RAO has informed.

During a trial start, there were tested the modes of ignition of boiler with boiler oil as well as a working ability of the equipment of main and auxiliary systems, instrumentation, means of remote and automatic control, units of technological protections, unit locks at starting.

At a conducting of the works, there were not revealed inner defects of system, its working ability was fully proved that allows for the experts of Inter RAO – Engineering to begin a steam blowing of steam super-heaters of power boiler and pipelines of 1st power unit.

At present time, at the buildings and premises of power plant, it is being done a whole complex of the works: an erection of metalworks of the boilers, equipment of pumping station, milling plant, a gallery of conveyers.

On a fuel storehouse, they install an anti-dust protective screen and put the bentonite mats – up-to-date hydraulic insulating material. It is being continued a building of railways and in-site roads.

A building of coal TPP in Kaliningrad region is being done near village Vzmorie on a coast of Kaliningrad sea channel.

The Primorskaya TPP of capacity 195 MW consists of 3 steam power plants of unit capacity of generating equipment 65 MW.

In a content of each power unit – a steam turbine of Ural turbine plant (UTZ, Yekaterinburg), turbogenerator (ELSIB, Novosibirsk) and steam boiler E-240-13,8-560 KT (Podolsk machine building plant, Moscow region).

The main fuel for Primorskaya TPP will be coal.     

A building of the station will allow to diversify a fuel balance of Kaliningrad power system to reduce a power and technological dependence from the supplies of natural gas.

The TPP will add the already built stations in Kaliningrad region needed for a provision of power safety of the region.

At the beginning of March of 2019, it was commissioned the gas Pregolie TPP of capacity

455,2 MW in Kaliningrad city, in March of 2018 – the gas Mayakovskaya TPP in Gusev and Talakhovskaya TPP in Sovetsk.

For a realization of the projects, in 2015, it was created the Kaliningrad generation in which 99,99 % belong to Rosneftegaz, 0,01 % – to Inter RAO.

The general contractor is Inter RAO – Engineering.

The Primorskaya TPP is connected to the power system of Kaliningrad region at the end of April of 2019.

However, the official starting was transferred by RF’s government to December of 2020.

So, a delivery of electric power from the 1st power unit is planned on August 1, 2020 instead of December 31, 2019, from the 2nd one – to September 1, 2020 instead of April 1, 2020, from the 3rd one – to December 1, 2020 instead of July 1, 2020.

As the reasons of transfer of starting, there were called a necessity in additional works on a preparation of the site of TPP and the changes in environmental saving legislation.

Author: A.Ignatieva

Source: Neftegaz.RU

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