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School students, within 5 Technological forum, have visited ELSIB

Usually we tell about school excursions frostily, shortly and chilly.We notice the interesting moments in a lexicon of the guide and degree of usefulness of information for young tourists.But this time everything left in a different way.

The first time to us one boys have come to the factory.Sixteen noisy, curious, self-assured children at the moment have filled, apparently, immense space of the Main case.They in eager rivalry asked questions, looked in each machine and touched everything that they allowed to look at and that they haven’t managed to select.

The most tremendroous fact was not their “live” behaviour, and fact that for an hour: each of them didn’t let go the mobile phone, someone interviewed neighbors, other removed videos and run “glued” clips, and expecially creative conducted a live broadcast with production sities.



It would be possible to reproach boys with carelessness and bad manners. But, if it ponder…They fifteen year old teenagers, eat, sleep are on friendly terms and “really” live in phones. The fashionable gadget became the same part of an organism as a hand or a leg. And the whole hour these children were looking in the fickering mobile screen not because of social networks, games and fashionable applications. They were looking through him at our factory machines, people, juigement.Our industrial giant could warm to himself interest at the young revolting minds. By means of these gadgets children kept corner of the ELSIB in memory and shared it with the outside world.

Unless it is possible to abuse the child for thirst for knowledge? Peculiar, does attempt became higher on an intellectual step?

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