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The ELSIB at the annual conference of power engineering specialists of mining and metallurgical branch

 The ELSIB factory will participate in the IV Russian conference «There are power supply, energy saving power management in the mining and metallurgical industry  -2018».The event will take place on the May 31th in  Chelyabinsk city.

In the section «The highly effective energy saving technologies and equipment» the report of Alexander Artyomov (deputy director for sales) will be heard on the theme «The experience of the SPA “ELSIB” PJSC on the delivers of turbogenerators for thermal power factories of metallurgical enterprises».

The structure of large iron and steel combines  and  factories  a thermal electro station (Сombined Heat and Power (CHP), Сombined Heat and Power – Thermal Power Plant (CHP-TPP),  the Ural Сombined Heat and Power), which the main task is a providing workshop of  a factory a production steam of various parameters, a heat and a electric power is a use of a secondary energoresur for a power production for own needs. Own thermal electro stations are the main technological power source of factories of workshops and combines in a metallurgy, it is a heart of a power economy.

CHelyabinskAt a conference experience and possibilities of the Russian and foreign leading manufacturing companies of the equipment will be presented. The format of holding this event is the traditional platform for meetings and discussion of a range of questions in the field of power – and heat supplies, an exchange of experience, an opportunity to get acquainted with new effective technologies, the electrotechnical equipment both  like for production facilities of metallurgical production, and for power infrastructure of iron and steel combines and the factories.


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