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The ELSIB has begun the shipment of hydrogenerators for the Zaramagsky HPS-1

On the 29th of June factory has shipped knots 0f one of two hydrogenerators for the Zaramagsky station (North Ossetia). The rotor with a shell and one of four sectors of the stator are transported in the railway way.

The stator will be shipped by four platforms, one of which is already sent. The eleven-metr knot, consisting of a rotor shaft with a shell, which general weight reaches 138 tons will be delivered to the stations by means of the unique conveyor. Conveyors of this kind for transportation of non-standard oversized goods in Russia only two.

CB 685/243-20 hydrogenerators of production of the ELSIB factory have with a rated power of 173 mW and frequency of the rotation of 300 revolutions per minute. The active kernel consists of 360 grooves. The efficiency of cars reaches 98,4 %. The general weight of one generator is 833 tons.

The building of the Zaramagsky HPS-1 continues in the intensive mode.  Concreting of walls and the bottom of the swimming pool of the daily-run-off pond, the water intake, the hydroelectric power station is conducted.Installation of the lower casings of water-wheels is complete, builders prepare for installation of distributors of turbines. Installation and construction works in a derivational tunnel and an emergency spillway are continued.

The ELSIB factory – is  the single enterprise of heavy electric machine industry in the territory of Siberia and Far East. Today  the ELSIB has a full engineering production cycle from design and production, before service of a turbo – hydrogenerators, electrical machines of various power.

More detailed information can be obtained in department of public relations and media of the ELSIB factory by ph.: +7 (383) 298-91-36.                 


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