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The ELSIB has participated in the Meeting of the Subcommittee A1 “Rotailing Electrical Machines”

On the 13th of July 2018 the ELSIB has participated in the Meeting of  the Subcommittee A1 “Rotailing Electrical Machines” of the Russian national committee “SIGRE”. The meeting format is videoconference. Members of the Subcommittee A1 and experts of various organizators took part in an online-mode.

At the meeting a large number of questions, including the question corcening experience of development of turbogenerators for interface tob the gas turbine 6F.03 on the example of projects on construction of power stations in the territory of the Kaliningrad region was considered. A.V Chirikov, as the speaker, who is the technical director of SPA “The ELSIB” PJSC, has told about the nomenclature of electrical machines (generators and engines) realised by the enterprise  and has stopped on the main technical solutions at design.

It has sepurately been noted that now PJSC “The Inter RAO@” has already accumulated experience of the standart design of a thermal power station on the basis of gas turbines 6F.03  by use of generators of SPA “The ELSIB” PJSC.рнк сигрэ


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