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The ELSIB modernizes the turbogenerator on the Novosibirsk CHP -4

The ELSIB has carried out  the modernization of the turbogenerator with the  hydrogen cooling like ТВФ-200-2У3 with an  increase in the power to 110 MWt. Today works of the modernization of a rotor and a stator are performed by the ELSIB.

For a rotor are made:

—a new winding with a forced cooling system;

—retaining rings  with a corrosion-resistant steel;

—new contact rings with a set of details of a conductor node;

—a set of shovels of a fan.

A modernization of a core of a stator with a introduction of structural elements is made for decrease in face fields of dispersion. The new winding of the stator on the Monolist  technology is made, a modernized system is installed.

Besides, the generator was completed with new gas coolers and trailers conclusions, inserts of hydrogen consolidations,oil separators.IMG_8308-768x512

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