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The generators of ELSIB with Pregolskaya TPP are commissioned

The “Kaliningrad generation”, a joint venture of JSC “Rosneftegaz” and PAO “Inter RAO”, has completed a building and commissioned Pregolskaya TPP of capacity 455,2 MW.

The “Inter RAO”, in fact, has completed an implementing of main part of state program on a provision of power safety of the most western enclave of Russia. The commissioned on March 6 in Kaliningrad Pregolskaya TPP of total capacity 455,2 MW has become the third and last gas TPP built in the region within the state program during five years.

“A commission of the new capacities not only will cover the demands of the region in electric power but it creates the capabilities to increase export to neighboring countries”, – Head of Minenergo, Alexander Novak, has announced on a ceremony of the plant commission.        

The project “Kaliningrad generation” was started on an order of President Vladimir Putin in 2013. Its main purpose – a provision of power safety of Kaliningrad region in a waiting for a breaking of power ring BRELL (Belorussia, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and a synchronization of Baltic countries with European power system.

The Pregolskaya TPP is the largest TPP within the project “Kaliningrad generation” and one of the most powerful in the west of the country. The gas power plant consists of four steam and gas units of capacity 113,8 MW each that were built at first time simultaneously but not in turn. The cost of its building – 36 bln.R. As the participants of the starting noted repeatedly, all key equipment of new Kaliningrad power plants is of domestic production.

On Pregolskaya TPP there were installed the gas turbines of 6F.03 type of a production of “Russian gas turbines” (Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region), the generators of NPO “ELSIB” (Novosibirsk), the steam turbines of “Silmash” (Kaluga) and the recovery boilers of “Podolsk machine building plant”.

Source: http://peretok.ru/articles/generation/20115/

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