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The hydrogenerator of ELSIB production has been shipped to Irkutsk HPP

NPO “ELSIB” PAO has completed a delivery of the units of hydrogenerator CB-1160/162-68 UHL4 to Irkutsk HPP. A delivery has begun in July of last year, and in February of 2020, it was shipped the last shipping item of 441.

In parallel with the shipment, on the operating station, there were done the works on an assembly of the units of hydrogenerator that continue up to this day. For this moment, such important operations as an assembly of stator frame into the ring and stacking of core are done. Now, stator is at a stage of winding setting. Rotor shaft is prepared to assembly.

Totally, ELSIB will deliver four hydrogenerators to Irkutsk HPP instead of the machines of own production which operate at the station for more than 60 years. The hydrogenerators delivered for Irkutsk HPP in 1956 are the first hydrogenerators in a history of the plant – a significant and historically important step on a development of hydrogenerator building on enterprise.

A capacity of each machine delivered by NPO “ELSIB” PAO will be increased by 30,2 MW in comparison with the hydrogenerators to be replaced. A replacement of the hydraulic units 1, 2, 7 and 8 on Irkutsk HPP will allow to increase an efficiency of each one by 7 %, and a capacity – by 25 %.

Photo: a shipment of rotor shaft with central part of hydrogenerator frame for Irkutsk HPP.

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